Target your specific demographic, deliver your message, create warm leads, capture lost opportunities and increase your conversions to qualified sales leads. Engage any one or a combinarion of of our unique digital and traditional marketing campaigns. Deliver your message to your audience in a direct and track-able way.


Track Back Website Marketing

Buyers are approxiamtely 60% through their buying cycle when they visit your website. But no matter how many buyers you get to visit your website only 6% will ever inquire, reach out to your sales team or fill out your form. That means your website is leaking opportunities to generate leads and convert sales at a 94% rate.

Track Back Website Markeing, tracks information for potential decision makers to companies that came to your website but left without making contact. We can identify your vistors IP Address and convert that into Company Name, Job Title, Email Address, Physical Address and Phone Number. Now lost opportunities become warm leads to follow up and convert. Imagine reaching out to up to 94% of your lost opportunities and converting them to sales.


Venue Replay IP Address Targeting

Select Key points of interest where your potential customers might gather, arenas, stadiums, college campuses, competitor's locations, events, shopping malls etc... We build GEO-Frames around the location using precise targeting down to the square meter on latitude and longitude. Capturing the device ID's we match through our algorithm the device to IP and Physical home address. This sets the foundation for your captive audience to which we serve your ad directly to devices in the home. Since we have the home address you can also incorporate direct mail in your campaign.


Digital Listening Technology

Start with 25 "Cue-Words" of your choice for listening detection; competitor's names, inmarket cues, brand names, lingo etc...We set the desired audience volumne based on the type of contact data you want for example; postal info, email, IP address. When a prospect/customer opens an email or social media post that meets your listening criteria, we respond by sending a hyper targeted focused email in real time. This target's interested buyers and create warm leads and serves your advertisement to your competitor's customers and prospects.


Competitor's Website Visitor Re-Marketing

Target your competitor's website visitors. We buy traffic data to your competitor's website pages, home page or specific pages, we then serve your advertising to those visitors and make them aware of your company, products or services and drive them to your website and or your physical location.


Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience Marketing

Build a profile of your optimum prospect or customer form your own data base with third party data from Facebook resources, demographic selections are nearly endless: age, gender, income, home ownership, married, children, interest ( sking, nutrition, hiking, motorcycles ) on and on. We can track when they are on their Facebook Feed an we deliver your Display, Video or Carousel advertisment directly to them on their own feed.

Serving calls to action,special offers and coupons that can be redeem via mobile device or print or invitations to events, seminars, appointments and demonstrations with automatic form fills which make it easy and convenient for your prospect to confirm their participation and enables you to build a strong data base of qualified prospects for easier conversion. 


Ring-Less Voice Messaging

Place up to a 60 second voice message on your target audience phone without a ring or disturbing the prospect. Voice messages are listened to 96% of the time. Returned calls represent interested warm leads. Tagging response and re-marketing also available.

Linkedin Lead Generation

Sponsored content can be placed in select prospects feed. Target demographics ie; title, verical markets, revenue size etc... Send text, display images and video. You identfiy your demographic on Linkedin and we will place your advertisment directly on the prospects feed.


Let's work together to target and fill your funnel with qualified prospects, customers, patients or clients? 

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